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For those who have normal to oily skin, combination skin or acne prone skin, then this is the facial round for you!  Lemon is a natural antioxidant. It's healing properties can lessen the appearance of scars and wounds from acne prone skin. It brightens and refreshes, cleanses and tightens pores and makes skin more firm and beautiful. Chamomile and honey heal and soothe irritated skin and help alleviate redness with their anti-inflammatory properties .


net wt approx 2.5 oz

Honey, Lemon & Chamomile Facial Round

Only 9 left in stock
  • saponified oils of olive*, coconut*, sustainably sourced palm*, safflower seed*, hemp seed*; purified water; raw honey*; oat protein*; essential oils of lemongrass*, lemon* and roman chamomile*; orange peel, kaolin clay and chamomile petals.

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